Streamline your
food fraud risk assessments! 

Rank raw materials consistently and efficiently to generate detailed reports.

Gain access to detailed procedures, methodology explanations, process flow charts, web links and AI-Food Fraud Research Assistant.

Simplify your annual reviews and create/maintain your own food fraud database effortlessly, save time, effort, and money.

Best of all, there's no subscription cost - simply use it as you go.

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Secure your position as a reputable food business by ensuring the integrity of your ingredients.

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Our Food Fraud Scorecard provides you with unparalleled confidence in compliance and integrity.

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Stay Ahead of Food Fraud Risks

Food Fraud Scorecard makes it easy to find and gather all the information you need to make an informed and comprehensive risk assessment.

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Our proven system, with the added power of AI-assisted technology, will quickly rank food fraud risks, leaving you time to focus on managing them.


In the complex global food supply chain, maintaining ingredient integrity is crucial.

Simplify your food fraud risk assessment process, ensure compliance and make confident decisions. Food Fraud Scorecard has been developed as a tool to empower businesses in the global food supply chain to confidently assess, mitigate the risks of food fraud, comply with GFSI, retailer and fast food chain standards, and safeguard your food business reputation.

Why choose the Food Fraud Scorecard?

Food Fraud Scorecard provides a user-friendly and centralised platform for managing your food fraud risk assessment data and insights. This robust system not only simplifies the initial assessment process but also offers significant advantages for ongoing compliance, consistency and risk management.

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Our risk assessment methodology is proven to be highly effective and consistent. It provides clear and rankable scores that can be used as evidence of compliance during audits.


AI- Food Fraud Research Assistant

Harness Artificial Intelligence for swift and accurate analysis of ingredient sources, eliminating guesswork and fortifying your supply chain's integrity.

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Our interface ensures assessing food fraud risk doesn't disrupt your operations, providing practical, reliable, and objective insights.

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Identify and evaluate potential risks quickly with comprehensive reports, empowering you to proactively address vulnerabilities.

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Say goodbye to costly risk assessment processes. Achieve robust food fraud risk assessments with minimal training and maximum assurance

It’s quick and easy to get started, here’s how it works

  1. Answer a series of relevant, guided questions about each ingredient, covering the likelihood, detectability and profitability of potential fraud.

  2. The Food Fraud Scorecard tool then automatically calculates and quantifies the degree of risk associated with each ingredient.

  3. You will immediately receive a PDF report for each ingredient, summarising the key fraud risks with an indication of how well each is currently being managed.

  4. You can rank all of the raw material assessment scores in order of risk. It also calculates and includes a score based on the severity of these risks, and indicates potential areas for improvement.

Explore step-by-step how the Food Fraud Scorecard functions, from inputting ingredient data to generating comprehensive reports.

Developed for the food industry by ICS technical experts

This tool was developed by ICS staff and contractors. It was based on a food fraud risk assessment method developed by ICS staff member Clare Winkel in 2016.

Clare Winkel BSc, MBA, has been working with risk assessments for food fraud since 2008. This method has been used by companies in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Trinidad, Jamaica and a number of South Pacific countries across many industry sectors.

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ICS staff have used this method to successfully undertake approximately 800 raw material food fraud assessments across the following industry sectors: bakery, spices, dry goods, seafood, fresh produce, beverages, nuts and confectionary.

From 2006 to 2008 Clare Winkel worked on the European Union research project (STREPS no FP6- 518451) with Wageningen University (Netherlands), TNO Quality of Life (Netherlands), Federal Research Institute for Nutrition & Food (Germany) and University College Dublin (Ireland): Developing a Stakeholders Guide on the vulnerability of food & feed chains to dangerous agents & substances: the key activity included the development of a new method of risk assessment to enable the assessment of the supply chain of farmed Atlantic Salmon for vulnerabilities to food safety contaminants, including assessment of traceability & documentation failure & failure to detect contaminants. All of which are conditions that can lead to food fraud. This project successfully identified a number of food fraud activities during the project.

Additionally, Clare has worked in the food processing industry since 1987 and from 2004 has been an auditor of GFSI, retailer & fast-food chains in 14 countries. This has enabled her to have a deep understanding of many food industry supply chains and how and where fraud can occur.

What you will get


Full and comprehensive reports and the insights needed to identify ingredients that are at the highest risk of fraud, enabling you to take proactive steps to reduce this risk and protect your brand integrity.

Armed with these data-driven insights, your business can make informed decisions about ingredient sourcing, supplier relationships, and risk mitigation strategies. This proactive approach minimises the likelihood of fraudulent activities affecting your product compliance.


With Food Fraud Scorecard, you can swiftly generate PDF reports, making the information readily available for your auditors. No need to spend hours manually compiling data; our system does it for you in seconds.

Our reports follow a standardised format that aligns with industry and compliance requirements. This consistency ensures that auditors can quickly navigate reports to extract key information about each material.

Efficient Information Management and Long-term Risk Tracking

Once your pdf report is complete, all information is saved in your account, so that you can simply re-use and update the information for annual food fraud reviews, and track the improvement of your risk scores over time.

The ability to track risk scores over time encourages a culture of continuous improvement within your organisation, and proactive risk management strategies, strengthening your overall food integrity assurance efforts.

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A valuable tool for food business professionals and teams who are:

Assessing new suppliers and manufacturers of raw materials.
Reviewing food fraud risk of your existing raw materials.
Analysing the impact of food fraud on your business.
Understanding the food fraud risk in a changing marketplace.
Identifying controls to protect your business and brand reputation from food fraud.

A VALUABLE TOOL FOR: Purchasing Teams | Research & Development | Quality Assurance | Approved Supplier Officers | Supply Chain managers | Procurement | Compliance managers | Technical managers | Regulatory manager | Product Development Technicians | Innovation managers

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